37Sequence assembly from trace files

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Sequence assembly from trace files

BioNumerics’ sequence assembly tool allows direct import of raw trace files from Sanger sequencing, i.e. generated by an ABI, Beckman or MegaBace automated sequencer. The assembly software combines a powerful alignment engine with an informative and intuitive interface.

Assembling Sanger sequences into contigs using the BioNumerics Assembler

The software allows for automated batch processing in high throughput sequencing projects such as for typing and surveillance. Full IUPAC code support for consensus sequence determination and automated contig trimming is included. Manual cleanup of the assemblies – if needed – is facilitated by the interactive assembly reports. Complete gene assembly projects with aligned chromatograms can be saved into projects and popped up with a single mouse click on a sequence stored in the BioNumerics database.

Required modules: 

Sequence Data module

Relevant applications: 

HIV drug resistance prediction

Multilocus sequence typing (MLST) analysis

Sequence typing of polymorphic VNTR's

Staphylococcus aureus spa typing